Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Imperial Hobbies sponsors Iron Brush Tournament!

Another sponsorship with prize support for the tournament!

Imperial Hobbies, as I'm sure you all know since they've been around for ages, is a dangerous store to walk into. I was in there a month ago wandering and waiting for a friend to meet up. I had just decided that I didn't need anything when my friend walked in and mentioned that he wanted to grab a rulebook for a new roleplaying game we had planned. Instantly, my resolve broke and I give them money for books. I hadn't bought a book in months (I've been Kindling), and it felt soooo good to buy a new book, with shiny new rules and new fluff to consume and...

I'll just be over here. >.>

Big thanks to Imperial Hobbies!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Secret Weapon Miniatures sponsors Iron Brush Tournament!

Super stoked to announce that Secret Weapon Miniatures has given us a couple prizes for the tournament!


I first heard about these guys while taking the Masterclass Painting that Doc organized for last year. The Astronomi-con guys told me to weather my damned tanks so I could get higher painting scores. I went to the SWM site and hummed and hawwed over the different weathering pigments before deciding to buy every single one they offered.

I don't regret it. I has all the colours. Now my damned tanks are weathered, Mike!

I've read that they started selling washes too.

Anyway. Prizes!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Some more on comp

TL;DR:  "No comp" is bring your awesome shiz. "No comp" is not bring your filthy shiz.

It's a topic we're talking about on the Facebook event page. I knew it would be, since I've written so much for every other scoring system, but nothing for comp. I don't have a comp score, and I don't want one. Which means I'll be discussing a lot of lists over the next few months. :)

I think that when you see a comp system, you see something to break. It's a mini-game, where some try to bring the hardest list that scores well, and others use it as a checklist "I've got Game Breaking Monster #45, but not #12, and he only banned #45, so I'm good." We have to assume that I've built the perfect comp system, which I can't do and which I don't believe exists.

So instead, I give you an idea - "beer and pretzel", "hobby tournament" - and then get myself a few goons to enforce the pearly gates around my beer and pretzels and then I hope that it works out.

I don't like telling people "no", and I'll bet you don't like hearing it either.  But I've made myself the administrator around the beer, and damnit, the folks inside are going to enjoy it! :P

Awesome. Not filth.

(And if you truly can't tell the difference - ask, and I'll tell you what, after conferring with my goons :))

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Some good advice on comp from Patrick, of the comp council --
Ultimately, I think the goal of the comp council isn't necessarily to nerf lists, I think it is to make sure no one list spoils the event. For example, an all ethereal VC army could be built to a theme, could be really cool if well done, and will probably never win the event, but paired against a non-optimized orc army with very few magical attacks will absolutely ruin the orc player's day. Same for an army with 5 cannons and little magic, probably won't win the event, but pair it up against someone with a big monster and you've made it a non event for that player.
My comp goal, is to ensure that everyone has a good time. You can bring an awesome list that you're super proud of and super excited about! But if we think it's going to ruin a day, we'll ask you to change it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Changes to "Theme Scoring"

Steve Hoffman pointed out an inconsistency in my Theme Scoring. I had shoe-horned "Display Tray" into the category, without comparing it to the effort required for other parts of that category.

I changed Theme such that your display tray is just a part of any non-army stuff you bring and want judged, and that effort is judged separately.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Strategies games sponsors Iron Brush Tournament!

HUGE thanks to Strategies Games for sponsoring the tournament! They've provided some great prizes for the event!

Since "my" GW closed down, I haven't really had a store that I call my own. But Strategies would be the closest, I think. They're pretty centrally located, and they have all of my obsessions in one nice little package. Whenever I go in, I'm guaranteed to find something I want, and often something I didn't even know existed. That's their power - they've got what you want, that you didn't even know was there. :P


Thursday, January 3, 2013

We are a go!

All of my ducks have lined up, and I'm ready to start answering questions, signing people up, and all that good stuff.

Sunday, March 10th, 2013 @ the Eagles Club. Starting at 9:30am, this will be a full day of 2999-point Warhammer, great friends, beer, and great looking models!

There's a PayPal link on the right you can use to purchase a tournament ticket, and $10 from your $32 entry is going to a Fraternal Order of Eagle's charity (the exact one, to be determined). The rest of the monies will head into the CHOP fun to pay Jamie back for the terrain he bought and we'll be playing on. :P

Looking forward to hosting this event!