Overall scoring will be a combined total of all of the following points. Note that Battle Points and Sportsmanship is 75, and all of the Visual scores combined are also 75. Plan accordingly.

I like to think that will be very difficult to get anywhere near top scores in the points system laid out. This is good! Ties at the points ceiling are bad!

Battle Points (out of 60)

Score points as in the main rulebook, plus any scenario points you may get. Subtract your total from your opponents, and then compare that number against this table to determine your battle points for the game:

If you win by... Your points Opponents points
0-299 points1010
300-599 points119
600-899 points128
900-1199 points137
1500-1798 points155
1799-2098 points164
2099-2398 points173
2399-2698 points182
2699-2998 points191
2999+ points200

Sportsmanship (out of 15)

We will have a vote at the end of the tournament for Favourite Opponent. Each vote will give that player 5 additional points.

In addition, after each game your score sheet will ask you to note if your opponents behavior and/or attitude made the game unpleasant. This is a simple yes/no question. For the first "yes" checked, this person will have 2 points removed from their score. If the person receives two or three "yes" checks, they will receive a larger reduction of 5 and then 10 points.

Painting (out of 30, 3 bonus)

For this, we’re only looking at the skill and techniques displayed in painting, not modeling. Conversion and theme are covered later.

Overall -- Look at the army from a few meters. Is it done? Is it barely done?

0 -- Army is not completely painted.
5 -- Army is fully painted, but only to the most basic tournament requirements.
10 -- Army is fully painted and shows effort beyond the basic tournament requirements.

Cohesion -- Standing back from the table slightly, is there a unit that stands out as not belonging? More than one?

0 -- Army is an unlikely combination of unfortunate colour choices.
2 -- Army is mostly unified, with a couple small or one large exception.
4 -- Army is completely unified in colour choices.

Techniques -- We’ll pick a random selection of unit models and judge any blending, airbrushing, shading, washing, etc.

2 -- Contrast techniques show some skill and neatness.
4 -- Completed models. Detail work shows skill. Contrast is visible. Still weak when closely inspected.
6 -- Details are well done and contrast shows when closely inspected.
8 -- Models are very well done. Minor flaws when closely inspected.
10 -- Models are exceptional. No flaws can be found.

Extras -- Point these out on your written sheet! If they aren’t obvious, we can’t judge them!

0 -- No extras.
1 -- Army has rough freehand, simple unit/army markings, and/or basic weathering.
2 -- Army has quality freehand work and clean unit/army markings and or weathering.
3 -- Army has stellar freehand detail work (banners, army/unit symbols, etc.) and/or realistic weathering.

Single model -- How does the Best Single Model that you selected look?

0 -- Best single model is roughly done.
1 -- Best single model is painted to a moderate level.
2 -- Best single model is painted to an advanced level.
3 -- Best single model is painted to an exceptional level.

Skill progression (bonus) -- Do you have a few models (more than just the Best Single) that show skill progression, or shows skill on larger or more important models?

3 -- Several models show effort beyond the rest of the army.


Conversions (out of 30)

Miniature makers give us some great stuff. Now break it all, and put it back together! If you have things that you’re particularly proud of, write them down! If we can’t see it, we can’t judge it!

Overall -- Stand back a bit and look at the army. Are there obvious conversions? When you get a little closer, are there lots of little ones?

0 -- No conversions.
6 -- The army has been partially converted, or has 1 large-scale conversion.
12 -- The army has been mostly or completely converted, or has several large-scale conversions.

Model Basing -- Those things that the models stand on. How awesome are they?

0 -- Bare plastic bases.
2 -- Basic one flock, no paint.
4 -- Multiple flock or painted with highlights one flock; with clean painted edges.
6 -- Diorama-like bases with high attention to detail.

Techniques- - What sort of techniques did you use when you did all of this? How many? What’s in your toolkit?

0 -- No conversions.
3 -- Army has some simple conversions (head/arm/weapon swaps)
6 -- Army has multi-kit conversions including head and weapon swaps. A unit, or multiple single models are done.
9 -- Army has some difficult conversions that use things such as putty, plastic card, drilling, sawing, minor sculpts, etc. Or, the entire army has very well done multi-kit conversions.
12 -- Army has some extreme conversions, such as: a scratch built conversion or sculpt of an entire model, a large amount of models with difficult conversions, or the entire army is extremely converted.

Theme (out of 15)

Theme is a judging of any materials that aren’t to do with the army itself. Think of it like arts and crafts for your army, and you won’t go wrong.

Non-army "Stuff" -- Army list. Additionally: photos,  fiction, tokens to hand out to your opponent, craft work, graphic design, display trays, lucky charms, etc.

0 -- Any army list not handed-in until after the deadline.
2 -- Basic army list with points and units broken out.
4 -- Above, plus some additional materials.
6 -- Above, plus several additional materials.
8 -- Above, plus many additional materials.

Theme -- This further judges any written background. Your background believable within the context of the Fantasy universe.

0 -- No theme.
1 -- Most of army has cohesive theme. One or more units have no reason for being on the battlefield.
2 -- Entire army has been built to a single cohesive theme. Every unit has a reason for being on the battlefield, with the other units.

Effort -- Do your guys carry their castle around with them?

0 -- No additional effort beyond the basic army list.
1 -- Some of the additional materials you've shown us are rough in design.
2 -- Most of the additional materials you've shown us are pretty good work.
3 -- All of the additional materials you've shown us are amazing!
5 -- Blow me away. Make me talk about your presentation for the next year.


  1. too many points into army list and not enough into display base, one is harder than the other. Can't exactly crank out a decent display base within one hour on photoshop!

    1. Thanks for proofreading, Steve!

      You are right, that's a mistake. Display Tray was shoe-horned in at the last minute because I didn't have a place to put it before.

      Now it's been stuff into general "Non-army Stuff" and you'll get points based on quantity, with the effort being scored separately.

  2. Craig, can I steal some of your painting categories/phrasing to incorporate into the paint scoring for Kippers' Melee? I like how you (your team) have laid it out.


  3. Be my guest!

    I built it, taking ideas from both Adepticon and Astronomi-con, with some of my own as glue and to make the points work out how I wanted. So it would only be fair to pass that along. :)