Coming out of a discussion with several "gamey" friends, this "hobbyist" decided that he wanted to put on an event that would go the other way, and focus more heavily on the aesthetic side of the hobby.

I love the idea that armies aren't display items. We paint and convert because that dragon looks super awesome running down your friends spearmen. I want your army to look amazing while it's on the table, set up to fight, ready to spring a sneaky ambush, or raining down a hail of arrows. It's totally fine that you bought a painted army, because that still lets us all believe that an epic battle is going on.

Sunday, March 10th, 2013 @ The Eagles Club in North Vancouver, starting at 9:30am
170 3rd St W
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 2G2

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As the above copy says, this is a 1-day, 2999-point, 3-game tournament. We have space for 40 players. The Eagle's Club is a fantastic venue, with a bar and restaurant built-in!

Iron Brush is a painting-focused tournament, but that doesn't mean you have to be the best painter to participate. If you love rolling dice and pushing plastic with your buddies,  come out, yell CHOP! a bunch, and leave feeling like you had a great day.

Craig Fleming is your host, CHOP is our club and you can e-mail me at ironbrushvancouver@gmail.com.

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