What can I bring?

Any legal 2,999 point Warhammer Fantasy army, constructed from modern rulebooks, published within a month of March 10th, 2013. You may bring units from Monstrous Arcana, as well as Storm of Magic!

How will I be scored if I bring an army I didn't paint?

Your army will be scored on painting and conversions and added to Overall as for everyone else. However, you will be ineligible for the Painting or Converting prizes.

You didn't have to shell out thousands for a great looking army, and I appreciate that you did.

What's going on with Comp?
Comp is not used for scoring, but we'll be ranking lists behind the scenes for match-making purposes. I like the idea that people who want to bring a slightly harder list can play like-minded people, and same for those who bring lighter lists. But if you think of this as a beer-and-pretzels tournament, I think you'll have more fun.

How do I take units from the Monstrous Arcana or Storm of Magic books?
You can have up to 750 points in your army from either the SoM book or the MA book. Any selection from either of these books will be counted as one of your Rare choices. You may not take a Mythic Artefact or a Pact.

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