Friday, January 11, 2013

Some more on comp

TL;DR:  "No comp" is bring your awesome shiz. "No comp" is not bring your filthy shiz.

It's a topic we're talking about on the Facebook event page. I knew it would be, since I've written so much for every other scoring system, but nothing for comp. I don't have a comp score, and I don't want one. Which means I'll be discussing a lot of lists over the next few months. :)

I think that when you see a comp system, you see something to break. It's a mini-game, where some try to bring the hardest list that scores well, and others use it as a checklist "I've got Game Breaking Monster #45, but not #12, and he only banned #45, so I'm good." We have to assume that I've built the perfect comp system, which I can't do and which I don't believe exists.

So instead, I give you an idea - "beer and pretzel", "hobby tournament" - and then get myself a few goons to enforce the pearly gates around my beer and pretzels and then I hope that it works out.

I don't like telling people "no", and I'll bet you don't like hearing it either.  But I've made myself the administrator around the beer, and damnit, the folks inside are going to enjoy it! :P

Awesome. Not filth.

(And if you truly can't tell the difference - ask, and I'll tell you what, after conferring with my goons :))

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