You've got 2,999 points, you can use any current rulebook Games Workshop has produced (up to 1 month before the tournament), Monstrous Arcana and Storm of Magic to build your list.

I'll need lists before March 1st, in order to make the comp scoring thing work! Earlier is better!

"Comp" won't be added to your tournament score. After you submit your army list, our team of skilled gamers will analyze it and give it a Pass or Fail vote based on whether we think it's too gamey, or just gamey enough. If you fail, you'll be notified, with reasons, and asked to re-submit.

After a pass, your list will be posted publicly where your fellow tournament goers will rate your list from 1-20. We'll average these public ratings (after throwing away outliers) and we'll use this score to determine match-making. This means that we need lists in early so people can vote on them, and we need tournament-goers to come back to the page in February and vote!

For ratings:
  • 1 is "this list is brutally hard, and I would spit on the person who wrote it if I could.
  • 20 is "this list is so easy that I'll be amazed if the owner doesn't get tabled every game." 
  • Your answer should lie somewhere in between. 
 If you remember that this is a "hobbyists" tournament, you won't go wrong. :)

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