Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another three lists up for public voting!

We've got a High Elf, another Ogre and a Daemon list up.

I've noticed that some people are clicking "Send Data!" right away - those folks should use the tabs on that page to view the PDF rosters and then use the sliders above the rosters to pick a number for their comp vote.

If you've got any issues, please let me know! It's all a big experiment, so I'd love to know if something wasn't clear to you!

[Edit: This was edited...I forgot a list. :)]


  1. Trying to open the PDF's but just comes up with code.
    Just me?

  2. It's working here, but that doesn't mean much.

    Can you take a screenshot (prnt-scrn, paste into Paint, send via e-mail) for me, of what you're seeing there?

    Probably going to modify my approach anyway - taking to long to load since I added the last 3 lists.

  3. Seems to be working now. Did you change anything?

  4. I don't like the look of the dwarf lord -- he's got 12 shield bearers!

  5. While I'm nit-picking can we call Daemons#1 Warriors#1?

    P.S. I hate CAPTCHA

    1. I'll add that to my todo list.

      Yes, this is a mistake on my part.

      As for CAPTCHA...make a blogger account and you shouldn't need to use it every time. It's generally useful - I comment on random blogs with it. Since this blog won't really be used in about 15 days, I'm not going to spend any more time configuring it. :)

    2. I wasn't asking you to re-configure it, I was just doing some self-indulgent whining ...

    3. On my painting blog I installed Disqus, specifically because I wanted common login and no CAPTCHA. Your whining is entirely correct. :)

    4. Incidentally I took a first look at the army lists that were up and decided that rating them is very hard -- particularly as I'm not that familiar with the Ogres so have no clue what half their units do (except that I've heard that the monstrous cavalry are evil).

      That's intended as more of an observation than anything else, although I was thinking that ranking the lists might be easier than scoring them. In fact that was what I was planning on doing once all the lists are in, and just using the score as a rank.

    5. That's a good observation. You make me think about how to do it differently.

      My goal was to have a non-random method of match-making. A nice-to-have is that strong-fights-strong and weak-fights-weak - as a hobbyist tournament player, I dislike fighting against finely tuned lists.

      I wonder about making getting people to submit a first-match preference, randomizing any with no requests and then Swissing for later matches.

      Any thoughts?