Monday, March 11, 2013


Iron Brush is over! I had a great weekend, with only a few fuck-ups, and a good number of lessons learned!

The biggest problem -- Facebook! There is a "known issue" whereby events after Daylight Savings were off by an hour. Jind had checked the time there, and had gone by that time, which is why he and Simon were late. Super shitty that this happened to them, and hopefully it never happens again! I gave them a few extra raffle tickets to help make up for it.

A few thanks, again, before we get to the spreadsheet:

  • Strategies Games -- I approached Darren first because I knew they'd help out, and they didn't disappoint. A bunch of gift cards and 20% off prizes -- which is where most of your tournament entry went to!
  • Imperial Hobbies -- a bunch of gift cards and the Battlefield in a Box and Watchtower!
  • Secret Weapon -- a gift card and the 10% off coupons that were in the tournament packs!
  • Dale, Patrick and Peter for being my comp guys! I certainly couldn't have done it...
  • Duke for being my day-of gopher, bringing me lunch, and doing over half of the paint judging!
  • Me! :P Seriously, I had a ton of fun organizing this, and so long as the feedback I get doesn't read "You suck!" I'll probably do it again in the future. :)

A few things about the spreadsheet:
  • "Donation" is an amount that we'll be donating to an Eagle's Club charity. They let us use that space free of charge, based solely on you guys eating and drinking there, but we want to show that we're helping the club as well.
  • "Profit" is money that will go to the CHOP club. We buy terrain and promote our club, so that you can show up and have lots of people to play!
  • We did tie-breaks on the final winners, such that when Lil' Pat won Overall, and Dale won Painting, they were disqualified from winning a bunch of the other prizes. However, I feel that when the players vote for something, their votes should go directly to those players - so Best Army and Best Single model were awarded as you guys voted.

Here's the spreadsheet. If you have any questions, please read around this site for the answer first, there is a decent bet that I've written about it already. If you don't see the answer, feel free to write me.

This blog will die-down in a bit, but I'll have some photos to post "soon", and I'll likely post changes to my tournament system as I write them down. If you're interested in being part of the conversation, keep on reading. :)

Lastly, if you have any feedback about the tournament I'd love to hear from you -- I've got a lot of ideas of what to change for next year already!

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