Friday, March 1, 2013


The public voting experiment is a failure, unfortunately. Not enough people taking part, and one of the comp guys thinks it's a little useless anyway since with most of the lists coming in, people are actually taking the "hobby tournament" label seriously! Most of these lists have some wild and awesome stuff in it, and there's very little "optimizing for a tactical advantage". So huge props to all of you guys for that!

Since I was hoping to have you all do the match-making for me with the public voting, I'm constructing a new plan. I'm leaning towards the OFCC plan, whereby lists were chosen by the comp guys to be "softer" or "harder", and you'll fight within your category where possible.

As a hobbyist tournament goer, who still enjoys a solid challenge, the goal of my match-making is to ensure that everyone has the appropriate challenge for their skill level. This is a hard task to take on, and to be done perfectly, it requires a good knowledge of the generals skill and of the entire range of models and synergies.

It won't be done perfectly, but I wanted readers to know the goal.

I'm still going to be putting the lists online, because it's an open-list environment, but don't worry about voting unless you want to let me know your opinion. :)


  1. I still intend to rank them (once they are all up), more as an exercise than anything else. While I think public comp is a cool idea, if it is going to be done well you have to assume that we are all a good judge of comp. Speaking for myself I don't think that's the case, mostly because I just don't have enough familiarity with all of the army books. I also suspect that to do a good job you would at the very least have to have played against each of the army races.

  2. You are right, and that's the fatal flaw of it - that everyone is a good judge (and a judge who wants to partake!).

    My last blog post put up a link to all of the lists (minus 3) so go right ahead if you like. I'd definitely be interested in your opinion - and we can compare after the Comp Guys have their say to see how you all match up.