Thursday, March 7, 2013


I was trying to get the scenarios more sorted out before I posted them, but since we're 3 days until the tournament I think this is as sorted as they're going to get.

We're doing 2,999 points because I asked my friends "How many points should we play?" and Jamie got this manic gleam in his eye and demanded we play 2,999.

We're playing scenario per table, for exactly the same reason. Because a friend gave me some advice - that I'm running this tournament, so I should run the kind of Warhammer that I'd want to play!

Some of the scenarios are minor variations on the rulebook scenarios. Some of them have a little more to them! My hope is that none of them are so complicated to demand your constant attention, nor are they "every turn, random craziness happens! woojweiojwerwe!!", but instead that in general they evoke interesting strategic and tactical decisions.

Here's the link. Go ahead and read, and if you see something onerous, or broken or not fun, let me know. But remember - hobby tournament - epic fun - a little different - and you'll be well on your way towards winning!


  1. Looks like fun.

    I'm not sure how the rising sun manages to blind both armies though :)

  2. One of the suns is the Twin-Tailed Comet, John, duh.